Posted by: Steph | March 11, 2007

Direct links to the Answers

Thanks to everyone who participate! In the order they were received:

Shankha Bhattacharyya

Warren Pinto

Allen Benjamin

Mar Sy

Mayukh Chakraborty

Parikshit Ralhan

Shabab Mirza

Emily Burt



  1. Can we still campaign on this thing??? Does it shut down during voting period? What’s the deal?

  2. We can and should discuss – but no campaigning allowed. I will be moderating the comments to enforce this… understanding that it may be a somewhat subjective interpretation.

    I was out all evening though so just playing catch up on comments now…

  3. What bittersweet, what thorny choices before us lie
    That, which we leave behind as legacy

  4. Good luck to all candidates. For everyone else, don’t forget to VOTE!

  5. Here’s me –


    Here’s “r”s comment going over my head –


  6. It was a haiku. Or a reasonable facsimile written at neigh on 4 AM yesterday.

    Maybe I should have used pictures.

  7. I like pictures.

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