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Another questionnaire just came in. Thanks Warren Pinto!

The Questions of Truth:

1. What is your original platform idea that you are the most proud of?
Unfortunately, the candidates generally have the same platform idea – increased networking. However, in many cases, candidates have provided unique ideas to deal with the standard issue(s). For example, one of my goals is to increase participation and attendance at all GBC events (social, international, athletic, academic). I have sent out a letter by email to many recipients, suggesting some specific locations for events (e.g. Dave and Buster’s, the Docks). Additionally, I have suggested the introduction of some new on-campus activities that are non-academic, non-athletic, and are quite fun for those who participate.
At the same time, I also believe it is also imperative to speak to members of the student body, especially the part-time students, in order to come up with events that are more accessible (alternate times, locations, dates).

2. What is it about you that would suit the position that you are running for?
My determination, organization, commitment, passion, and integrity. I am forward-thinking, very approachable, and a great listener. I am willing to make a hard decision and take a road less traveled for the greater good.

3. What makes you different from your opponent(s)?
I associate with a very diverse group of people while many of the other candidates tend to circulate in particular segments only.
I like to believe that amongst all the candidates, I spent the most time campaigning. I spoke in 28 different classes between Monday and Thursday, and would have spoken during the weekend classes if they were running this week. Parikshit Ralhan is the only other candidate I remember seeing everyday at 8:30AM and leaving at 10/10:30PM. I’m actually surprised that Steph did not get a chance to hear me speak.
Lastly, I am willing to do whatever is necessary in order to be successful. I am going to send out individual emails to every contact I have before the Sunday 12PM deadline because I believe it is more personal than bcc’ing.

4. What would your 5150 team members say about you? Name one so that
we can check.
My 5150 team worked very well together so the feedback will be positive. I worked with Peiji (Peggy) Pan, Andrew Pucher, Jonathan Ritter, Huimin (Kevin) Shao, and Eric Shawn. Please pick one.

5. Have you been active in GBC events? Please elaborate.
I have attended many GBC events (Culture Crawl, Deerhurst, Olympia, pubnites, academic events, etc.), and was a volunteer during the Winter 2007 Launch Week.

6. What are important qualities in a GBC candidate for your position?
See number 2 (I apologize if this makes me seem arrogant. I’ve mentioned to Steph that I dislike these types of questions for this very reason.)

7. Do you have the guts to be a strong voice for the student body?
Give an example of past behaviour that demonstrates courage.
I do. Many of the issues dealt with last semester as academic representative are perfect examples. I prefer not to elaborate.

8. What do you think of the quality of Schulich students?
It must be poor, they let me in!

Seriously, there are some issues with the student body. I find it very interesting that students struggle with math, yet the GMAT is required for admission to the program. I also am disappointed by the fact that many students don’t step up to the plate when an opportunity presents itself. Many people prefer to do more back-office work instead of presenting in front of the class. I believe that the people with poor presentation skills should seize the opportunity to practice where possible. I also expect an all-out war when a new group is deciding on a leader because everyone should want that role.

On a more positive note, Schulich has some of the most outstanding students but they are the quiet ones. If you meet them, you’ll discover that these guys/girls are brilliant, outgoing, and full of great ideas. (I attended the Chinese New Year party held by the South East Asian Business Community, and saw a classmate who is usually silent sing, and sing well, in front of about 200 people. I never knew he could!)

9. What is the biggest problem at Schulich? Is it solvable by the GBC?
If so, how?
There are a few big problems, but I will highlight just one – academics.
– The only time an individual should be on a course waitlist is if they want to register in a different section or the same course. There should never be a shortage of spaces (supply is not meeting demand). More spaces should be added or another section formed. It’s outrageous that people cannot take a course because it’s full.
– The learning experience is HIGHLY dependent on the teacher. Although I can forgive different teaching styles to some extent, why does the same course seem completely different when taught by two teachers (different material covered, different assignments and grading criteria, etc.)?
– Some teachers refuse to change their teaching style after complaints or receiving feedback from the students – this is totally unacceptable.
– ½ courses don’t seem to add much value. Either too little or too much is covered, and the compressed timeline for assignments throws everyone off.
– Many times, marking and/or feedback is inconsistent or inadequate (Personally, I’d rather receive a bad grade on the first assignment. Give me clear feedback and exact steps for improvement, and I guarantee the next assignment will be better!)
– some textbooks are terrible!

I attended a roundtable discussion last semester and will be attending another one this semester, so obviously the GBC has some involvement, and I do believe they have some ability to solve the issue. Otherwise, these discussions would simply be for show, which I highly doubt.

When I have to spend $20K/year for full-time out of my own pocket, I expect much better.

10. What is the funniest thing you have seen at Schulich so far?
At Olympia, they had an activity where all the teams had to lip-synch and dance to a song. At least two teams had guys dressing up as girls and those teams went all out!

11. Give 3 adjectives to describe yourself.
– altruistic
– dynamic
– right now, tired. It is around 4:00AM and this election has me so excited, I can’t fall asleep. During the campaign week, I averaged around 3 hours of sleep per night.

12. What was/is your favourite class so far? How about your favorite teacher?
My favorite class is finance – it’s math based so it makes sense to me!
My favorite teachers are Ingo Holzinger for his energy and passion, Jane MacNaughton for her willingness to help a struggling class, and Krikor Ghanaghounian who understands the importance of teaching finance from a non-mathematical perspective too.

13. Coke or Pepsi?
1000% Coke, cold, from a can. Pepsi is for the weak! Schulich needs to re-evaluate its drink supplier.

14. How much time have you budgeted to your GBC duties (per week)?
There are 24×7 = 168 hours/week. Subtract 15 hours for classes, 30 hours for studying, 49 hours for sleep(7 hours/night) = 74 hours. Food, sports, travel, and miscellaneous activities is 35-40 hours, leaving me with a grand total of 34-39 hours per week to serve the Schulich community as GBC President.

15. What else should we know about you?
I hate red-tape and I don’t like it when people play politics. As GBC President, I would be honest and forthcoming, no beating around the bush. As Charles McMillan says in IBUS6410, “That’s MBA-speak, buzzwords. What’s your point?” I am not a typical, cookie-cutter MBA student.
My platform centres around increased networking, and I personally feel it is extremely important to meet as many people as possible. I have met and spoken with so many people during the campaigning process. Irrespective of the election results, I will continue to try and meet as many people as I can here at Schulich.

16. And finally, if you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you be and why?
A watermelon. I am big, well-rounded, tough on the outside, sweet on the inside, and am very refreshing!


Warren Pinto


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