Posted by: Steph | March 10, 2007

But from me

I have to admit that I feel a little as though my blog has been hijacked – while getting close to 1000 visitors on a single day is pretty crazy, it also carries with it some responsibility – and as such I have been a little bit softer in an attempt to be fair to all of the candidates. I certainly don’t claim to be perfectly objective – but I don’t want the blog to lose value because of too many biases from me… Also, I am waiting since I gave all of the candidates the opportunity to contact me – once campaign period ends it’s game on though. I’ll be back.

I was at a party last night with many Schulich people and it was interesting to see that the information on the blog was factoring into the election debates. And that there were so many election debates. For example – there were conversations regarding what it means about a candidate if they don’t bother to fill out the questionnaire, there was debate about the platform issues and how they correspond to the position, and there were debates about the value of different personalities for certain positions. And there was some great gossip surrounding the comments – the big question – is Lulu Mayukh or not. Lulu also happens to be the name of David P. ‘s cat – but I have confirmation that the cat did not post to the site.

K. I need to walk my dog and then focus on 601 for hours on end. Yay!



  1. I found this for you Steph:


  2. hahaaahaa this blog must be a joke now that people have so discussion

    as for those wondering who I am, I am not Mayukh, although I know who he is now that he is running for VP (Sorry Mayukh, I never thought Steph and others would think and post that comment!)

    Steph, since you seem very interested in who I am you should ask yourself who all would know Shabab that well?

    Lets consider where he is known: MGMT 5150, Case Competitions, Marketplace on Campaign Week?

  3. This blog is an awesome forum for discussion and independent thought, as well as spurring conversation off blog.

    the only joke on this blog is you Lulu.

  4. If this blog is a joke, why are you reading it Lulu?

  5. O – I find it funny because it is hosted by the same Stephanie Marshall who lost the GBC election last year and I smell a sore and bitter loser!

    Steff – you are clearly very mature in your cheap shots at me. In any case I am glad you enjoy this blog as much as I do.

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