Posted by: Steph | March 10, 2007

Break from 601 work…

For the Heros fans out there… watch this. The really cool part, from an MBA marketing perspective, is that it was created by NBC. I think that this video really demonstrates the changes happening in the marketing realm. A few years ago NBC might have sued someone for putting something like this together.

Ties in well with our tricks from last night – Juhi, you must have some skill you aren’t sharing! Yes… we had a round of demonstrating stupid human tricks.

I had a great time meeting Mark Sy last night. I will disclose that he has been hesitant in approaching me, but I’m glad he did. He’s smart and comes off as a really sweet guy. We laughed about a bunch of things, and we had some interesting conversational tangents. I’m glad that he’s in the race.

I’ve had one-on-one conversations with three of the presidential candidates and I am pleased to say that each of them has qualities that I respect. They also each have different things working against them. A lot of the choices seem to be rooted in personality and preference. I can’t speak about those who have not bothered to contact me – but of those three, Mark, Warren, and Shabab, – I would be satisfied if any of them won. They are all passionate, intelligent, and they have each demonstrated that they can be eloquent and have something to say further than a 1 minute sound bite. Yay.

I’m having tacos for dinner. I’m so psyched.



  1. Mark Sy is a great guy

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