Posted by: Steph | March 10, 2007

Apology from me and

… and a word from Mayukh – but not in that order.

This email just arrived from Mayukh:

Hi Stephanie,

I am writing to you as a response to the blog that everyone is talking about. After recieving Colin’s email, I was able to view your blog page and have read through it.

I want to say that after reading it I am a little surprised and dissappointed at the comments. Surprised by some nice and dissappointed with other hostile comments. I do not think I should be mentioned at all in your blog and I am very upset that there is discussion of associating me with a “Lulu”. I want to tell you that I have written up answers to the list of questions sent to me by Colin, however after viewing your blog, I do not wish to be associated because I do not believe in dirty politics of this nature.

The students at Schulich in my opinion will vote for who they think is the best candidate. It is not nice to read such sharp comments on your blog. I can understand that everyone has their own view and I think that is fine, but I think we are all mature adults.

So, I will leave it upto you to post this email or not but I feel you have been very unfair in targeting me for no apparent reason.



… In response

Mayukh, I am truly sorry if you feel unfairly targeted by this blog – that is certainly not my intent. In fact – I am sorry that you felt “targeted” in any way at all. When I joked about “lulu” today that wasn’t about you – I was just having fun about the whole silly “anonymous posting” thing.

With regards to the comments and commentors, although some of them have been sharp, I am permitting it because:

a) They are furthering the dialogue – and that’s what this is all about. We’re all adults here, that’s true: In an election – any election – sometimes people have things to say that will not please everyone.
b) I do not think that any one candidate has been singled out.
c) No one has crossed the line of civilized discourse – I think that “sharp” is allowed. I’ve actually deleted some comments that slammed a few candidates inapropriately.

This blog is my personal space, but as soon as I saw that the audience was significant (and growing rapidly), I decided that the blog would not be a platform for any candidates above any others, and that I would not endorse any one candidate. I won’t, however, self-censor my opionions on issues that get raised.

I am glad that you shared your opinions with me and I hope that you will share your responses to Colin’s questions with the readers. I’d love for you to join the conversation.





  1. Note from Steph: Comment Not permitted because it was construed as only campaigning.

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