Posted by: Steph | March 10, 2007

Word from Nirvan

The following email found its way to my inbox (and many others) and I thought that I would share it with all of you…

Subject: GBC  A Useless Organisation?

Caught your attention? I bet.

If you don’t like long emails, the purpose of this one is to show you why you HAVE to vote, and vote WISELY.

I’ve never really gotten involved in any sort of student politics, but feel that it is my responsibility to now do so as a concerned Schulich student, and soon-to-be-alumni.

First of all, let me correct the unfortunate assumption that the GBC is useless, and/or not relevant to your eternal ties to Schulich. Given the general behaviour of past GBCs, social activities and impact on our day-to-day lives, many of us fail to see the relevance of such an organization. It’s supposed to be the career center that’s responsible for getting us out there, it’s supposed to be the Dean that builds up the School’s reputation, and it’s supposed to be the high-quality professors that impart exclusive knowledge to the classes. The GBC is just a bunch of high school student council types that just organize parties and function as a clique. Who would ever think that such a group would play an ominously important role in building the school’s credibility, giving students access to top firms, and promoting academic and professional excellence??

Has the career center been able to bring firms like McKinsey on campus? Have professors given us the ability to tackle business issues quickly? Has the administration given you a leg up in the world and really built that alumni network that is so vital to our institution?

One simple example I’m going to use is case competitions. No single activity managed by any group at this school has single handedly fostered academic excellence, Schulich’s credibility, and providing access to top firms. Through these case competitions organized by this year’s GBC, I was able to present to and meet top banking executives, management consulting partners, and other students with a desire to succeed. All thanks to the GBC.

Certain members of this years GBC team, because of their professionalism, personality, and personal drive and communication skills have been able to bring high profile case competitions and speakers to our campus. These students were hence viewed as representative of all Schulich students and effectively put a face to our brand.

Whether you are graduating this year, or still in school, this brand will stay with you forever. Whether you get involved in these elections or not, you WILL be stuck with the outcome. And what the GBC does, actively builds, or destroys that brand both within the school and outside the school.

When you vote (and not IF), vote for content and professionalism. Parties are fun, but in the end, it’s the steak that matters, not the sizzle. Ask yourself this: ‘Whom do I want to represent me as the face of Schulich this year?’. This is bigger than your relationships and bigger than yourselves. This directly affects Schulich, its brand, and the stakeholders perception of this school.

Feel free to pass this message along.

Vote, and vote wisely. Please.




  1. Hear Hear! I completely agree. The GBC is a professional organization that liaises between students and faculty, the school, the dean and the community. Who do YOU want representing our interests for the next year?

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