Posted by: Steph | March 9, 2007

Statements of Fact

1. All candidates are free to contact me before the campaign ending deadline and I will cover the conversation in this blog. I promise to be as objective as possible. And I will share a secret – I’m probably a bit nicer in person than on this blog – so don’t be scared.

2. If there are any signs of dirty campaigning, or any campaigning at all after the campaign end deadline I will report it to the GBC immediately. Anything I deem unethical may be commented on – for example, people slandering one candidate purely for the gain of another (trashing someone as a stand alone because they are ridiculous is permitted however).

3. I kind of think that Avril’s new song “Girlfriend” is fun. I know. I should be embarrassed and I am – I even find it a little mysoginist…but it got me bopping around when walking the dog tonight. I needed something trite. In order to balance out the universe I also want to send out a song to everyone in fourth term: “Mental Breakdown” by the talented Ember Swift.

4. I think that some comments have been right on the line of what is appropriate – if things start crossing the line I will begin censoring and demanding that people register in order to comment.

5. This blog is not officially endorsing anyone. Nor will it. The comments may endorse people, I have no control over that.

6. This blog is my personal space and therefore, even though no one can campaign next week, the rest of us are free to keep chatting away here.

7. I need to eat something that is not sugar based.

8. I need another Diet Coke.

9. There has been some chatter about anonymity – one of the reasons that I like to know who people are is that I trust some people more than others and their opinion carries weight with me. Or not.

10. I want to continue the discussion on reasons for voting for someone. What makes a good president? What makes a strong GBC?

I plan to elaborate tomorrow.



  1. Thanks for doing all this Steph! We all appreciate it!

  2. I very much appreciate this forum! Thank-you for enabling this discussion.

  3. Steph, for the past few days, I’ve been hooked on your blog.. Maybe I’ll start drinking Diet Coke too.

  4. I am not sure how you missed out the biggest news of the week. There was another contentder for the position of the VP – he was disqualified. That guy caused quite a stir last week within the GBC…poor people had to sit and discuss the election rules all over again..what a shame?

  5. You post anonymously and then don’t give any details. You’re no fun!

  6. I thought you had a degree in journalism and a knack for finding facts for yourself. Looks like I was wrong.

  7. Ha – Actually, no actual journalism degree and I do have the facts. Chose not to post it. So there. See? I can sound like a 6 year old too.

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