Posted by: Steph | March 8, 2007


I rag a little bit about the B20’s (Bottom 20% of students) and I have had some first hand experience. There are two in my 601: 1. “the problem” and 2. “the other problem”.

Today “the other problem” skipped our 601 meeting at the last minute and said that he wouldn’t be much use but he will print and deliver the report on Sunday. This means that the ONLY thing he will be doing for both phase 2B and phase 3 is his little printing and delivering job this Sunday. Ridiculous. I have sent an email requesting that he do the executive summary and the preface and we will see if he does. Last time we had “the problem” do the exec summary and it was far below the standards of the group. Embarrassing. I wish I didn’t minorly worship one of our advisors because I would rather he not associate me with our work.

This school does promote zero accountability for slackers. I almost wish that I had no moral compass because then I could spend time watching TV instead of doing group work and it wouldn’t affect my grade.

Anyway, 601 meeting about to start. Joy!



  1. Fire him. That’s how the real world works.

  2. […] of B20s I was thrilled to not have to interact with any of them at graduation. Many seem to have just […]

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