Posted by: Steph | March 8, 2007

Emily and Shabab

Emily and Shabab contacted me after finding out about my blog critiques and I agreed to sit down with them in order to find out where they were coming from. I would like to say that I was flattered that they wanted to speak to me and I appreciate that they took the initiative to get in touch. Now I’m going to share a bit with you about what came out of the talks. I didn’t have a formal interview – I wanted to try and get a glimpse of them as people and I think I did.

Emily: Well first I should admit that I have a bit of a bias towards Emily – I do like the idea of either the president or the VP being a woman, and also she’s just cool. She rides a motorcycle and she’s a rock star – although formerly trained as an opera singer. She has great style and she’s cute. I’ll admit – these things may be completely irrelevant with regards to her competence but I like that she isn’t an MBA stereotype. This is Emily’s first term as a full time student and she was very involved as a part-timer. One thing that she said that impressed me is that she thinks that we have a lot to gain by networking within the student community – as a whole – and we should focus on that before worrying about networking with other schools. She talked about using the qualities of the students as a resource and spoke about the importance of flexibility. I’m not going to go into all of the details but she had actionable plans and an open mind. And she seems like fun.

Shabab: On paper Shabab looks incredibly “businessy” and I was worried that he might be a little too stereotypically MBA’ish. Well he is MBA’ish but he was also very focused, professional, quick on his feet, diplomatic – and showed a hint of a fun side too. His in class presentation is decent but not too passionate and I was happy to note that one on one his passion for the school comes through. Although I do think that he thinks I’m a little bit crazy. When I grilled Shabab about particular issues he was honest and thoughtful and presented actionable plans – I didn’t get any “yayaya’ing” from him – for certain issues he acknowledged that the GBC may not be able to have any impact. He also impresses me because he only needs four hours of sleep. I wish I was like that. And by the way – he was at deerhurst.

So… I’m happy to note that two candidates that I knew nothing about impressed me.

I also want to note that Mark was very active all day and I did eat a lot of M&Ms.

Mayukh made it clear that anything he has to say has been said. So I’ll just observe from afar I guess.


  1. Good work Steph. Any other interviews coming that we can look forward to?

  2. I won’t hunt people down but if anyone asks I’m in…

  3. I like this forum as an additional means to get to know candidates better. Seeing as I value your opinion Steph, it’s great to get further insight on the candidates through this channel.

  4. Since it is important to get to know our candidates and their level of committment, it may be fair to comment on more than one candidate that is running instead of simply drawing a rosy picture of a few.

    so here is what i know…

    for President:

    Warren – Academic Rep who has made sincere effort in getting his sections concerns dealt with (or so he claims)

    Anshul – Athletic Rep who has attended cultural activities such as chinese new year dinner

    Mark – Successfuly organized a good Schulich turnout for a Raptors Game and meeting with some president of a basketball organization; was part of Schulich MBA Games team; also attended every single GBC event organized so far and has helped in coordination of some as well

    Shabab – Net Impact Treasurer, Leeds Case Competition Team member. Anything else, you can ask Steph or see David Tunnah’s comments

    Sam – organized a Iran Presentation which was cancelled due to bad weather

    I believe that everyone should share the truth and facts about each candidate without judgement first. As Steph noted her bias towards Emily, people should be clear about theirs or be able to give a non-biased opinion on this blog.

  5. I would like to tell everyone that Mayukh was a very committed academic rep because he help with some abnormal issues in Economics because the professor’s father died.

    I feel he was strong and dedicated to help us like this and can be sure he will help Schulich if he become VP.

    I will vote for him and suggests that you also think strongly about support him too.

  6. Steph, I’d love to see an interview of Mark. It’s clear that people think highly of him. Can you try to book one for us?

  7. I have seen Mark at various GBC events and I think he is a very pleasant person. He is very social and is always ready to have blast. That said, I think that he would make an outstanding Social Director. However, the role of President has many more serious implications that I don’t think he is best suited for. While socializing is an element of the role there are many more serious responsibilities such as dealing with faculty (inlc the Dean), being the face of the student body to external representatives, and being responsibile for building strong, meaningful relationships.
    This goes beyond being able to socialize at pub nights and plan events, as President the individual must be an appropriate representation of an experienced, professional student body.
    Seriously, we went through this at last years elections, lets not vote simply based on friendship or social networks.

  8. David – I sent an email to Mark so it’s up to him.

  9. Thanks! looking forward to hearing about it =)

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