Posted by: Steph | March 7, 2007

Wow. So offensive.

Sam has redone his poster and I need to point out two things in particular. He is running for GBC president and will be representing our school to the world. Do you find the following appropriate?

To roughly quote:

1. First paragraph “I love …people…(especially girls)”

2. “I love… doing crazy stuffs!!!”

… Also, he did not even submit a blurb for the GBC site. Not a sign of strong organizational skills.

For other treats – read the poster.

Well to be clear – I’m not saying that the prez has to have perfect English skills – but if he doesn’t have the insight to realize that he should have someone proof his poster well then I have a problem with it. And the “especially girls” is offensive.



  1. I already sent this message to some people, but I’d like to endorse the GBC President candidate who I personally know well-Shabab. I first met Shabab before he started the MBA program when he volunteered for the Net Impact Treasurer position. He had responded to a call for volunteers for the position late in Fall even before he started in the program. I remember his dedication and enthusiasm and I was immediately impressed by his professionalism and candor.

    Shabab has gone on to shine at Schulich. In addition to being the Treasurer for Net Impact in the fall, he was a GBC rep and was very active in case competitions. His team recently won 2nd place at the Leeds Case Competition in Colorado, beating out over 40 top North American schools.

    A successful GBC president should have many qualities. Not only do they need to be a successful connector, building bridges across student groups and communicating effectively, but they also need to be an excellent executor. I think Shabab has both qualities in spades and would make a great president.

    I don’t know the other candidates as well so I cannot comment. I would encourage everyone to meet Shabab, and the other candidates, Mark, Sam, Warren, Anshul, and make a choice for yourself.

    and one last thing. GO VOTE!

  2. My fear is that there are alot of people running for a GBC position that have no idea how important student government is. It carries a tremendous amount of responsibility, requires a HUGE time comittment and is often a thankless job. I will not vote for anyone who doesn’t appear to take it seriously or put in the necessary effort to garner my vote. Unfortunately, Sam missed the mark. The message he is delivering looks like he’s running for Social Director.

  3. I will also consider who has been active in GBC and school events – these are things that won’t show up on your resume, but are a major time consumer and an important commitment we need from our GBC executives.

  4. Warren for president? Is this the same guy who walks around schulich and classes in his tshirt and shorts? Who wants a President like that to represent us….i wouldn’t, would you?

  5. i agree steph, Sam is a joke!!! tell him to run for the position of comedian on GBC if there is one or maybe there is still enough time to create such a position for the collective interest of the schulich community.

  6. I like David Tunnah’s endorsement of Shabab. A few things that people are missing about this candidate:

    – academically oriented with case competitions (why didn’t he run for VP Academic instead??? wouldn’t that suit him better…oh wait that doesnt look as good on a resume, further to Snowbelt Girl’s comment)

    – have we seen shabab at all the gbc events? i recall his presence ONLY in the recent times when he had a strict mission on telling me that he has many ideas for GBC as Prez (we all have ideas!!! do you have experience in working with schulich people?)

    – congratulations to Shabab for being on the winning team at the Leeds Case Competition (why don’t we just forget about the OTHERS on the same team who also helped in winning this trophy, maybe they should have also run for GBC this year ????)

    – committment to GBC means committment to schulich? do we all agree that family takes away valuable time as does work and other priorities? how does everyone feel when they know that Shabab has a WIFE and a BABY to take care of, will it be fair for him or for us to expect 200% committment as GBC president?

    – so being a rep on GBC, what has Shabab learned or willing to offer besides his claim of involvement and committment? I would recommend an active Net Impact Treasurer to maybe run for Net Impact President?

    – Have we seen Shabab coordinate or organize any events (even something small) at Schulich this year? A President, I believe should be apt at facilitation and coordination of events don’t you think? I wish there was a social side to this candidate, not just now…but since he started at this school.

    Sometimes i guess wearing that suit and coming to the last few GBC social pubnites and events just does not cut it when people can read the hidden agenda!

    Although I will not be voting for Shabab (Sorry David), best of luck to all candidates!

    I hope Schulich makes an informed choice

  7. I hope that people begin having the balls to identify themselves if they are going to rip a candidate apart.

    Lu – I think that some of your comments are out of line. It is none of our business how being GBC president would affect his home life, and the comment about the rest of the Leeds team is ridiculous. The rest of the team could make their own decision about running.

    I appreciate the valid questions that you raised however.

  8. Steph – I agree that the rest of the Leeds team should make their own choice about running for GBC. My point was that winning a case competition is part of a team effort, not individual.

    By the way, I hear Mark Sy actively organized a Raptor’s Game last term which had a good turnout and maybe I should also mention that both Anshul Pahuja and Mark Sy were part of the MBA Games team for Schulich (winning team).

    Maybe that compares apples to apples?

  9. That’s much more to the point. Thanks.

  10. Lu, nobody will take your comments seriously if you do not take accountability for them by signing your full name. There is no pride in slandering someone anonymously; in fact it looks like, further to your second comment that you are slandering Shabab to promote another candidates of your choice. Please take accountability for your words. Please also remember that you are using this blog as a platform to state your opinions. I would encourage you, as the writer of this blog does, to expound your thoughts personally and publicly. Steph is not an anonymous blogger, nor should you be.

  11. Please go look at this webpage:
    This is Sam!

  12. Natalia, it is not my intention to slander any candidate but I personally think it is in good spirit that I raise some questions about a candidate.

    I am stating some facts and may show some bias against voting for Shabab, but I am terribly confused about which other candidate to cast my vote for considering there are still 4 more to choose from!

    I am not anonymous by the way, just because you do not know who I am does not mean others don’t either. In any case I did not mean to slander or insult anyone, I may have come across harsh and so I apologize. No offense intended.

    I just have a hard time believing what any candidate says unless they have some proof of their committment to the GBC and to Schulich.

    I heard Shabab speak in class today and although it was very professional, it did not sound anything different from what I expected to hear. I must say that choosing a President is hard and easy.

    Colin – your link to Sam’s webpage can be seen as insulting but equally hilarious! Good job

  13. lu,

    Of all the presidential candidates I know Shabab the best and am most comfortable commenting about him. I know him well enough to know that he is very serious about the position and has a genuine intent to do an excellent job. I’m not sure how he compares to the other candidates because I don’t know the other candidates well enough to compare.

    I don’t know Mark that well; it seems you know him better. Could you elaborate on what you like about him so that others (including myself) may gain perspective.

    As I will be graduating this term, the GBC presidental choice will likely affect you more than I (I’m making an assumption that you’re a first year student).

    My advice for anyone voting, is choose the candidate who you think will do the best job of planning and executing events. From what I can see, the bulk of the GBC work is about making events run smoothly. I wasn’t directly involved in GBC so I may be jumping to conclusions, but I would love to hear someone else’s perspective on this.

    In regards to the platforms, I laud the GBC candidates for coming up with an agenda. But I question the degree to which they will be able to implement their ideas once in position, due to the extreme time commitment from executing the existing GBC agenda. Having said that, my advice for choosing the candidate is to forget the platform and choose the candidate who you think will be the best “manager”.

    As a final note, Lu, I would also feel more comfortable knowing your full name, as I don’t know who you are. But I respect your choice concerning your representation on this blog.

  14. One thing to add to David’s point about what to look for in a candidate. Besides making events run smoothly, another major aspect is the TIME commitment. Consider if the candidate will be attending a majority of the GBC events (especially the major ones), as well as having the time for general GBC council meetings and exec meetings. Is the candidate also willing to spend the time planning and executing the things on his or her platform?

  15. Colin – I think that you make an obvious point. All of the candidates are well aware of the time commitment and expectations involved, and are likely prepared to make the necessary sacrifices. What will differentiate a good executive from an average one is their effectiveness, ability to execute and ability to appropriately represent the interests of a mature student body.

  16. Another point to add that may help in selecting the GBC for this year is the ability to operate on a team. We have to remember that the group we select as individuals is going to have to work as a team in order to get anything done! I think on a broader scale it is worth looking for characteristics in our candidates that would lead to good team membership. Listening, considering the ideas/opinions of others, openness to new ideas and collaborative decision making would be soft skills that would (hopefully) lead to the success of the team as a whole and a strong GBC for next year.

  17. All great points!! Now I feel like I almost want to stick around for next year to see how it all turns out… Time is also a major issue. In doing Net Impact this year it was a major time commitment, but a lot of fun and good memories too. I think all the candidates are aware of this.

  18. Lu-I can’t take what you have to say seriously. On one hand you attempt to smear one candidate, and then in a following message promote another. It appears that your agenda isn’t so hidden.
    Let the merits of the candidates stand above all else. I don’t understand how the candidates that you support would not be more accountable for the people spreading their word. I do not consider a candidate strong by insulting another.
    Please do not use this forum to lower the bar for the rest of us. We are professional and educated people who beleive in progress.

  19. so i’m taking a break from sorting through my ridiculous pile of receipts for the lovely CRA and going through this blog. It’s amazing how (as my friend Jon Sy observed as well) what’s happening here mimics what actually happens in a Prime Ministerial (or any serious leadership competition) election campaign. Full of dirty words (like ‘poop’, and ‘fart’) side by side (like the lipton side dishes) with words of praise. All these emotions coming from professional people, some of whom might have very important roles to play in Canadian society one day…take a step back, isn’t this amazing?

    In any case, I really do believe that the GBC has some serious potential if the right leaders and implementers come to ‘power’. Steph, your blog is really bringing out some emotions in people – which is awesome, because it will get them, and their friends to VOTE. If only the federal elections were as watched…if only we had a ‘lu’ personality to stir us all up.

    One thing is for sure, every graduating year comes out with the belief that the school could do better, and that the GBC could be improved, but the sentiments are not carried through to the incoming classes – such a short term memory! If i can borrow from Rhona’s Organisational Analysis class – we are certainly NOT a learning organisation!

    maybe we need a protest vote? let’s elect the most unlikely candidates…and see what happens to the school, if people don’t have any interest in the GBC. Or if that idea scares people too much, then lets hope the best and most professional candidates move forward.

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