Posted by: Steph | March 6, 2007

Guest Blogger – Karen Sabet

Happy Birthday Karen!! The following is from Karen who is making a guest appearance on Steph’s Tangents:

The big 4-0. Four-ohhhh. Forty…. I’m as old as my parents! Well, not really but 40 always seemed like the age that my parents were, an age that I NEVER wanted to be. I had lots of time to think about that today while I sat on the 400 for over 3 hours. White-outs, closed highway, lots of fun. And you know what…. I have nothing to complain about. Life has been good to me and quite surprisingly gets better with age. Kind of like the “fine wine” metaphor. It’s true. All you younglings are now rolling your eyes I’m sure, but I have to say, life is good at 40. Becoming self-confident in who I am and what I care about is a good feeling and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have come to appreciate every gift that God has given me.

The most recent gift is the opportunity to get my MBA. Just when I thought I had figured out all there is to know in life, I tossed myself into classes like 5150. Surprisingly enough I made it through 5150 and all the other pleasures of core courses. But what has surprised me the most is the absolutely fascinating and wonderful people I have met over the past 16 months. I have learned more from you than I can ever begin to express. I truly and deeply respect the friendships I have made. I will spare myself from trying to mention all of you for fear that I may miss just one, but you have all taught me the wonderful lesson that we never really stop learning or growing. It is a life long journey. I am not talking about the lessons of 5150 or the joy of Finance, but the lessons of the human spirit and how meaningful relationships can be. As my experience at Schulich is quickly coming to an end, I realize how much I will miss seeing all of you everyday. Complaining about this & that, papers & exams, the workload or just talking about the latest gossip. I will miss seeing a smiling face from across the room that expresses “I feel your pain” or “will this lecture never end”. More importantly, I feel like time is quickly passing without the opportunity for me to tell all of you how much your presence, your personality, your individuality and your friendship has meant to me. Thank you to each and every one you for being a part of my life and making the past few years fly by so quickly. I love you all and am truly blessed to be in your company.

Yes, 40 is good. I have a fulfilled life, am content and understand the value of relationships. Happy Birthday to me. 1967 was a very good year.

PS: And girls…..yes sex does get better with age!



  1. Happy birthday, Karen. 40 is the new 20.

  2. Happy birthday Karen!

  3. Girl Power!!! You rock Karen!

  4. Happy Birthday Karen! Your smiling face and warm heart will be one of the great memories I’ll take away from Schulich.

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