Posted by: Steph | March 5, 2007

GBC – Campaign day one

I’d like to start by congratulating Iman Mobayen – the new GBC Community Director. Way to go!

So… I am in the marketplace right now and in a perfect position to comment on all of the posters:

1. The BEST poster belongs to Emily who is running for VP. Her poster is so professional that it doesn’t fit in. She stands out and if her personality matches the creativity and professionalism of the poster I am sure that she will make a great VP. I hope that she is articulate.

2. Sam – running for President. get a grip. Marker on poster paper with your email and cell number? As if. Even if you can’t design or make a poster you should have been resourceful enough to find someone to help you. I won’t vote for him unless he dazzles me in person – even then I would hesitate because many people can sound good. Actions and words are not of equal value. Hey, maybe in the class speeches I will ask him why he made such little effort with his poster. Also, the “hellow” – note the “w” – was that intentional?

3. Mariela for International Affairs – nice poster. Although your poster mentions more “English language assistance” – I think there should be more encouragement for students to use language assistance programs because after marking 5150 papers I can tell you that MANY students are not getting help with their English – and they are not fluent enough to work in English.

4. Mayukm and Mark. M&M. I’ll not talk about the logo copyright infringement on your poster. I think this poster is a little too stylized for no apparent reason. Why did you go for the club/halloween look and feel? Doesn’t make sense to me.

5. William Chung’s poster looks nice although it is quite generic. What says election more than a check mark? I am impressed that he has a professional poster since I don’t remember any part-time executive candidate posters last year.

6. Mark Sy’s solo poster is cool looking. I like the black with the arrow. Cool. But the content is a little too generic marketing speak. Say something about yourself. And to answer the question on the poster “If this person is voting for Mark Sy shouldn’t you?” – with an arrow pointing to a table – well the answer is NO. I should make up my own mind instead of acting like a sheep. Don’t insult my intelligence.

7. Shabab Mirza’s poster bores me. Although he gets a gold star for being available to chat all day in the marketplace. His tag line is “Empowering the student community” – I like the idea – but how? And have you checked? A large proportion of the student body prefers to not be empowered.

8. Xias Mei: Get professional. Poster making is not rocket science. But I suppose your competition doesn’t even have a poster.

9. Warren Pinto – well, I see your face, your name, and that you are running for president. And then I forgot all about you because your poster is kind of dull. The picture has bad lighting and looks a little like a mug shot.

10. Parikshit Ralhan… your poster says to me that we are diverse here and speak many different languages…and as international director you will connect us all? The foreign language thing seems a little cliche. Well at least you didn’t use the word “diversity”. Please keep it that way.

11. Mayukh’s solo poster – for VP: The sci-fi look is a little bit 90’s – but at least there is a style. What does the style of the poster say about you? Why did you choose this retro-futuristic look?

12. Anshul Pahuja – President. The design gives me a bit of a headache and the picture is a little bit bland – another serious looking guy in a suit – but at least he put some thought into the tagline “your aspirations, your career, your president” – how will he backup this tag line? What is the plan?

That’s it. Keep in mind that I used to work as a designer so I tend to be a little harsh on the design issues. I also worked in journalism – which means that I get angry with meaningless blanket statements and I’m going to be asking the tough questions.

I know a few people running, and I really like them, but I will try to be fair and be a critical irritation to all of the candidates equally. I will be reviewing speeches and asking the tough questions – especially if I hear nonsense. Be ready. And candidates, if you impress me – I will share it with everyone on this blog. So go out there and make my job difficult. Impress me and make me proud to be a part of the Schulich community. Feel free to comment on this blog – or contact me if you would like to be interviewed or would like to bring something to my attention.

To everyone else – Go here: Find out about the candidates. Get informed. Vote well. Take responsibility for your school. Oh yeah – and if anything interesting happens or you have GBC election gossip please let me know.

Tomorrow I will review the written blurbs.

…. added note – Shabab Mirza has been in the marketplace a lot – looking dapper in his suit and ready to talk to anyone. Good work with that.



  1. For anyone who hasn’t seen Brewster’s Millions.. watch it

    Thanks for the tirade Steph… it really brings to mind one of my favourite quotes from that 1985 classic:

    Monty Brewster: What are you gonna vote?
    Crowd: [in unison] None of the above!

  2. Just a plug for Emily – competent, atriculate and delivers what she says she will. Vote for her.

  3. Emily is cool. I will vote for her.

  4. Dear Steph

    Since this is your blog, I concede to being the ‘other Steff’ for now. Although I have been around since the infancy of this blog…I have never up until now taken the opportunity to comment. If it’s not already obvious…your blog rocks…and I’ve always said…you are extremely articulate and have such a fun way of expressing your opinions. It’s entertaining, educational eccentric and a little erratic….the 4 ‘e’s of why I love your blog. Anyways, keep up the good work.

  5. in light of fairness, and after hearing both Mayukh and Emily speak on two different occasions, it makes me want to think about who is a better candidate for VP? Although Emily carries a cute balance act and is good at marketing this platform once we check her website link it is easy to notice she is a natural marketing pro – so does this prove to me she is a good academic rep for GBC?…on the other hand the competing rival Mayukh seems to have taken a learning approach and has involved himself directly as an academic rep and MBA games to build upon external networks including schulich faculty and also other business school reps. Hard to assess which candidate will perform well, but I seem to feel more comfortable allowing an academic rep take my vote than a social part-time rep for VP….So far Mayukh has my vote

  6. Mayukh has a really good idea of what the gbc is about; clear from his direct involvement in being a true schulich ambassador as i have worked with him on many occasions. Definitely a strong and dynamic candidate!

  7. mayukh has my vote: his work ethic, professionalism and dedication is clear from his effort in his poster, speech and strong personality. Vote for him if you actually want a difference at schulich

  8. Wow, this Mayukh guy seems to have really won the favour of the anonymous voters. Wonder why they wouldn’t feel confident enough to put their names to who they support.
    Could it be that anonymous actually = Mayukh?

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