Posted by: Steph | March 4, 2007


I could eat my weight in gummy bears. I’m not bragging, just stating a fact.

So I’m doing “Personal Application Memo’s” (otherwise known as “PAMs”) for my interpersonal managerial skills class. I signed on for this class because… the truth is, I signed up for it because it isn’t a night class. Anyway, I am waiting for breakthrough’s and a-ha moments that are supposed to materialize. I amy have hit one or two to be honest. This is the class I call “therapy” and although I may mock the exercises at times, I think that the instructor is great because she really makes a huge effort and puts herself out there. The thing is, I’m not sure that I am in a place where I want to put myself out there and learn all that I can learn from it. I did the reading on stress and tested myself only to find out that I have an 80% chance of serious illness or accident within the next year – ouch. Especially since I have been talking about how I seem to have lost my immune system and I am getting clumsier for no apparent reason.

I got a huge very necessary kick in the ass lecture from my cowboy last night (every girl should have their own wise cowboy – for those of you new to the site – yes, I have my own personal cowboy, a real one with a ranch in Alberta and alpacas and everything). Although I was a bit defensive at the time, it did propel me forward in the quest to reclaim my focus, drive, and motivation. Cowboys (I am taking the liberty of generalizing) have a blunt and practical thing going. Today I had a cleaning spree and I dove into schoolwork with more drive than I have all term.

Night classes – I think it’s complete bullshit that full time students are stuck taking so many night classes. So many people are selecting courses based on daytime offerings. I understand that part time students and working professors may not be able to be there during the day, but it still seems unfair to the full time students. I have three night classes this term and it is somewhat exhausting. Three times a week I am guaranteed to not fall asleep before 1:45am at the earliest. I find it especially irritating because morning things always creep into my schedule. At least my dog hates mornings too.



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