Posted by: Steph | March 4, 2007

GBC Elections

Ahhhh – this could be fun to write about.

I’m already seeing nonsense bullshit sentences that sound good but are totally meaningless. I’m not going to mention names yet because I have not heard enough but get a load of this campaign copy:

“These experiences allowed me to diversify my perspective of our community and give strength to those most in need.”

Ummm – so what does this mean? Who is in need and how will you give them strength? Are you dealing steroids? …”Diversify my perspective” – Sounds like too much 5150 to me. Bet he’s good at reframing too. He also mentions improving the student voice to the administration…. so how is he going to get the dean to stop worrying about building his “transnational” legacy long enough to listen?

For the record – this guy may be great, I don’t know him… I just think his copy is boring and generic. Say something useful. Be original.

For ruthless coverage tune into this blog all week. Starting tomorrow I will mention names. Again, no girls running for president.

Directly going to now works. Tune in. Tell other to tune in. Comment. Let’s have fun with this election…



  1. Just for fun… here’s Steph’s campaign blurb that was on the GBC website:

    Stephanie Marshall for Director of Community Relations

    “because every GBC needs a black sheep”

    I just started the MBA program in January and I’ll be specializing in Arts and Media. So far I’m loving the program even though it has been a little bit strange to be a student again (strange because the feeling is an odd mix of freedom and restriction all at once). I want to be involved in the GBC and the new Director of Community position is a fabulous fit for me because building communities and building bridges between communities is something that I’ve always felt passionate about.

    Now this campaigning thing, I’ve never liked the 30 second ‘vote for me’ pitch so let’s skip it. Over the next two weeks I’m going to give you a chance to get to know me and evaluate my platform. I will have a daily blog and I’ll be putting together a podcast (I’ll try not to ramble too much). I’m going to give you a bit of a behind the scenes look at the elections and what it’s like to run. I will never slag another candidate and I will not tolerate any disrespect on my site but I would like to invite you to participate in some discussion surrounding the elections (I know, you have a lot of school work, think of this as productive procrastination).

    My impressions so far? It is going to be interesting. The candidates already have quite different styles and I’m looking forward to watching how each of them develops their campaign. Some candidates are trying to secure blocs of people by culture or program, while others are going for the individual approach – takes longer but a higher loyalty rate. I see some room for controversial debate. What are your reasons for choosing someone?

    Read. Listen. Think. Chat. Choose.

  2. WHOA! That quoted blurb is awesome. The author should get automatic, full membership to his/her political party of choice (though seems like NDP would be quite appropriate, no offense meant to the NDP).

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