Posted by: Steph | March 2, 2007

601 Myths

Myth #1: The 601 is unique.
Not so much. My dad did 601 type project at Ivey over 30 years ago. Here is something interesting though, apparently some schools organize it a little bit better. Someone was telling me yesterday (not sure if he cares if I mention his name so I won’t in case) that Wilfred Laurier part time students have an easy time choosing the company because the school takes care of that for them. Apparently the school has cleverly set it up so that companies pay for the privilege of having a student consulting team. Nice.

Myth #2 The 601 is a project in which you can apply everything that you have learned in the program.
Nope. I am getting better at editing though. And dealing with the crazies.

Myth #3 The 601 is an amazing bonding experience that you will cherish.
Nope. Just another project. A big one, but whatever. I have bonded much more over smaller projects. Or beers.

Rumour #1
A few years ago a 601 team had a big blowout, failed to complete phase 4, and still passed the credit. Wow. If I had the option of just stopping now and getting a poor grade I would jump at the chance.

Rumour #2
Fist-fights have erupted between team members at phase meetings

Still waiting to hear that a team made up a company.


  1. 601 is the devil, plain and simple.

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