Posted by: Steph | March 1, 2007

random things I love

For no apparent reason – here is a list of things that I love. In no particular order. I won’t name names and get into the obvious…so please no one doubt my love because you do not find yourself on this list.

Tabasco sauce

The sound of snow

Komodo Dragons and Alpacas (not together – nor to eat)

Discovering a new song that I instantly love

Laughing until it hurts

Finding out interesting things about people

Gossiping the morning after a great party

Good atmospheric lighting


Emails that make me laugh out loud

Being trusted with a secret

Jeans that fit just right

Walking in the fallen leaves in the fall

Diet Coke (I had to put it)

Feeling a bit stiff after an amazing workout

Vanilla bubble bath

Feeling thin (haven’t enjoyed that one in awhile)

Realizing that someone I know a bit is someone I want as a friend

Long walks

squirrels – particularly Eric, the one who lives in my backyard

Movies: 1. Before Sunset 2. Before Sunrise 3. Reality Bites

Green eyes

Blog: Shoot the Duck – I read this one every day – she is a friend.

A tall glass of water with lots of ice cubes

Cool watches

Vermont. My cottage.


Brick walls inside

A view that includes a lake or the ocean

A dinner party with close friends

Black Turtleneck Sweaters

Men in black turtleneck sweaters

Paintings that make me feel something

Teaching someone a skill

Singing without inhibition

Sparkly stuff (that no one had to die for of course… just saw Blood Diamonds)

Finding solutions to problems

Purses (I’m 1/2 French)


A perfectly clean and tidy living space

Having someone cook me a good meal (doesn’t even need to be fancy)

Spontaneously going out for drinks with someone

TV: 1. What not to Wear 2. House

Being made to rethink something I assumed to be a universal truth – learning

Dancing with friends – especially in Vermont

The East Coast – pretty much most of it, US and Canada

Polar Bears

Pajama bottoms

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The salty feeling from swimming in the ocean

Sleeping in

I need to go to bed now. So many things to say.


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