Posted by: Steph | February 15, 2007

just wrong

Threats and intimidation are wrong. I’ve been on the receiving end and I’m not really sure what to do about it. It’s not a matter of being a warrior or having a pissing contest, or winning… there is no winning. It’s about not being a victim. That feeling.

So, on a different note, I got to play the morally corrupt software theif in a class simulation yesterday. It was so much fun to just use “lie and deny” as my strategy – it even worked, but I’ll try not to take any life lessons.

I’m hoping to go to the pub night tonight but it might be too late to get in after class. I don’t do line-ups. I like the Madison – gives me undergrad flashbacks. Someone was reminding me of the pub a year ago at the horrid club like place – I’m glad that we’ve gone from more club to pub with pubnights. Does that make me sound ancient?

Later. I have assignments I need to somehow invent out of thin air.



  1. Pub night!

  2. Ah, don’t be so damned Canadian – if you’re attacked, attack back!

    – Concerned Canadian

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