Posted by: Steph | February 8, 2007

Organ harvesting.

Would it be wrong to share that I strongly feel that “the problem” is a waste of perfectly functioning organs. I think he would be of better use to the planet if someone could harvest his organs and donate them to accident victims.

We just had a 601 meeting and obviously it wasn’t the best to date. I have never come across someone more resistant to taking responsibility for his actions. I had to leave the table because I was too furious and it wasn’t useful to try to make him understand.

My MBA has taught me to create value where originally there was none.

I’ll try to post something more mature and constructive later.



  1. Maybe it’s time to vote the “problem” off the Island.

    Pull the trigger already, will ya!

  2. Yah, vote him off. Ha, ha, that would be sooooo great.

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