Posted by: Steph | February 6, 2007

601 Dream

I had a dream that Steff Rota and I went shopping and that she convinced me to buy a really cute (but kind of short) dress to wear to the phase 2B presentation for 601 this Friday. Also, somehow she had managed to move the 2B presentation to a restaurant somewhere.

Now I kind of want to go shopping.

In other news – the end of the world must be coming… Jojo – famous for once having handed in an essay two weeks early, as of last night had not yet studied for an exam today. This is scary. Sort of like when Setti doesn’t wear his long coat, the world feels a little off.

I have a goal. Just once I want to pull a Jojo. I have a policy paper due on April 20th. 20 pages. It’s the only thing due in this class – 40% is participation. Well my goal is to have the paper written by reading week. February 20th to be exact. Yes, you heard me. Reading week. I’ve already done a fair amount of research and it is possible. If I can get that essay out of the way it gives me one less class to worry about.

With regards to “the problem” – I am pleased with the decision to not reply to the personal attacks in his email. Not worth it. And mission accomplished – I didn’t let him get under my skin. The quality of his work for this 601 phase is so exceedingly bad as to be disturbing and he will be hearing about it at the next meeting, but not from me. The quality was so low that we agree that we should have just taken out his parts and handed the stuff in without. “The problem” has sexist tendencies and it might be more effective for him to hear it from someone with a penis, so this time I won’t have to be the tough one.


  1. I don’t know if I’m considered a ‘riler’ by adding fuel to the fire, but I had to share this fact with SOMEONE and I knew this was the right forum to add it to. I apologize for being non-existant on ur blog. But, I know I can fall back on the, ‘Long time reader, first-time poster’ excuse… ok.
    Is it just me, or could you hear the entire Schulich I.T. staff fainting in unison when “the problem” decided to send a 6.6MEGABYTE email to ALL of Schulich’s student body?? I can only imagine it went to the BBAs too. Can u imagine the kind of server space that one email took up?? LOL – the brunt of it wasn’t even that important – it was a book cover!! Prolly scanned at 2048×1024 resolution – you could print 11x18s of that… ROFL. I really hope people ‘Reply to all’ with it still attached, complaining about these forwards or something.
    See? The exacerbation that knows no bounds takes its toll on others too!! Not just you… you are not alone.
    In solidarity with your pain,

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