Posted by: Steph | February 5, 2007

Useless students

Between the comments and what people have told me in the halls, it sounds as though my Rankings post hit a nerve and there is a lot of frustration with the bottom 20% of students (B20’s). I wound up having a few extra conversations on the topic and there is more to say.

When I make generalizations I sound like a snotty little complainer with a chip on her shoulder. Anyone can say that some of the students are bad, and that they got screwed in their group project. It’s the individual stories that make it compelling, that show just how bad the situation is. People relate to stories.

Actually – Hmmmm – I may have an idea for my Power and Politics class!!! Maybe I need to make an audio doc about the bottom 20% to get the faculty’s attention. interesting…. I happen to have a close family friend on the Schulich Board of Directors. I should play it for him too – or perhaps interview him in the documentary. Theoretically as a student I have no power about this – but perhaps I can have power. I should first ask myself how much I care about this particular issue because with power comes responsibility. I need to think about this.

I might not find a partner in my class to work on this with but this could be interesting. A little bit of dissent is always fun.

I was also considering taking a look at homophobia at Schulich. It’s not talked about, not obvious, but it’s there. I realize that since I now have straight privilege it will be harder for me to uncover, but I am curious. Notice that LBGT (or whatever the letters are exactly) never has a booth in public? Notice that they do not advertise where there meeting room is? I don’t think that’s accidental or coincidental.



  1. Yes the letters are wrong – LGBT. And yes Schulich is extremely homophobic place – it is strange especially if to take into consideration the fact that same sex relations are legal in Canada. (You can see the meeting place on the photo in last Schulich newspaper 😉 )

    Sorry for two comments at a time but I have found you blog an our ago and spent this time reading (instead of boring fixed income assignment)

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