Posted by: Steph | February 4, 2007

The cleaning binge

No – not a candy binge… although that is tempting – a cleaning binge.

Wrapping up our phase 2B report (I use the word report loosely) and I am itching to begin my cleaning binge. I think my place is down to 47% perfect. Not good enough. I want it all to sparkle. I want shine. And perfection. I don’t want to see a dog hair or cat hair except when attached to a cat or a dog.

I always start with a detailed list – which is just really written for the sake of ritual and the joy of crossing things off. The thing that I will appreciate today is that I am the only one responsible for everything on the list. I don’t need to count on anyone. I can scrub and dust and polish by myself. Up to my personal standards. On my schedule. Thrilling. No one is home, which makes it easier since I can crank some great tunes – maybe an 80’s day today.

I’m very social, I love people and nothing is better than clever banter – but every week I need at least one solid dose of alone time. Off to have that time now.



  1. I was busy procrastinating by cleaning my kitchen (which I have to do alarmingly often these days) when someone came in with mucky shoes and tracked wet ookiness all over my kitchen floow.

    *urge to kill rising*

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