Posted by: Steph | February 1, 2007

But seriously

I know that I keep repeating that I am becoming mean, tough, bitchy, and so on and I think I need to dig a little deeper (to borrow from 5150 terminology) and analyze this trend.

More later… must run to class.

Shout out to Eric – Thanks! Eric sent my “rankings” post to the Dean – so comment now and comment often all those of you who have come up to me in the halls to tell me you agreed!


  1. I am also Schulich MBA student in my third year of part-time and am continually frustrated by the grading scheme that holds sway. I have managed to maintain a Dean’s list standing, but would gladly accepted a lower average to rid the school of the B20s.

    If you look on the CMD in the xxx Grade window after you right the exam you can see the grade distributions by clicking ctrl-A, and you always see a nice B+ average.

    My finance class in W06, had an absolute grade average of 48 (the prof screwed up in his admistration of the midterm – and he is no longer is with Schulich) and yet the final course average became, you guessed it, B+.

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