Posted by: Steph | January 28, 2007

Can I stay calm?

OK. I was feeling content with the 601 thing. We have our 2B meeting coming up and the meetings are becoming more efficient. I was proud of myself because after the long Christmas break I could stand to look at “the problem” and not have an immediate visceral reaction of fury and frustration. I even made an extra renewed effort to find content in his usual nonsense yammering.

But as of today the bubble burst and signs of his sloppiness and general incompetence have resurfaced, and as a result other team members will need to redo a few things. So, there is a lot more work to be done in the 601, there is no doubt in my mind that I do not have the power to change “the problem”, and we need a strategy.

Although the majority of the team would be happy to kick him out, this takes time and effort that we do not have at the moment (another serious ethical lapse and we will however). Usually working with him takes more effort than it would take to work with one less team member so we need to take this into consideration. I am taking negotiations and I have been learning a lot. I have no value for my relationship with “the problem” and this can assist me in choosing my negotiation style with him. I think we need to assign him tasks that have little interrelation with the rest of the report. It is unfortunate that we have to babysit and review his work very closely (twice we almost handed content that would have been embarrassing), but my goal is to take it all in stride, not get livid, and simply be direct with him when he pulls his little stunts. I will adhere to my “witnesses or a paper trail” strategy in order to not be manipulated or used as a target of nonsense rage.

Game on.



  1. wow.

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