Posted by: Steph | January 16, 2007

Look to the Western Sky

I am still obsessed with the music from Wicked. I’ve been learning all of the Elphaba parts as I drive to and from school.

I’ve decided that Defying Gravity is my Term 4 theme song. It hits on most of my current themes in life.

Why must I constantly eat chocolate? It must be because Karen has stopped and I am eating her share too.


  1. Is it really that good? Because of you I have just got the MP3s. From your comments it seems the Wicked is really an awesome musical!

  2. you are the wind beneath my wings — except that you dropped our only class together. 😦

  3. Wicked rocked!! I even have the t-shirt. Did I mention we ended up winning that auction thing and got box seats for like $25 a pop? So much fun.

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