Posted by: Steph | January 16, 2007

I hate liars.

No, I’m not talking about my 601 “problem” – to be fair he has been absolutely fine (irrelevant to my life in a good way) so far this term – I’m talking about negotiations class.

I was livid in class today. We did a group exercise that required collaboration and negotiation and my team got royally screwed in the end because the other team blatantly lied to us. And then one person on that team said “well that’s business”. Well I disagree. Although we were negotiating in the context of one assignment, I don’t think it is valid to operate within such a limited sphere. You can’t negotiate in a bubble, and reputation is something that evolves over time but can be destroyed in a heartbeat.

I found it a risky strategy in part because four people on that team were strangers to our team and therefore we were more likely to judge them as people based on their actions on this exercise. The person on that team that we did know did not appear to agree with their strategy.

Look – Richard Bloom set up his goals for the term.


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