Posted by: Steph | January 8, 2007


Generally musical theatre bores me and I wish that the characters would just shut up, and occasionally die. But Wicked was…wicked. I find it irritating when people give a standing ovation lightly, you know that feeling when you don’t really want to stand but feel awkward because everyone is standing? Well the two leads, the good witch and the “bad” witch actually deserved a standing ovation and I wanted to give it to them. They were incredible. I have many of the songs on my ipod and I am enjoying them as I walk the dog (although the recorded version is not as good as the Toronto cast version).

Here is my theory about what makes good fiction – if I care about the characters living or dying it is a sign that I will enjoy it. If I don’t care… well I have no desire to watch.

Anyway, go see Wicked. it is worth it.


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