Posted by: Steph | January 8, 2007

My fourth term goals

I’m going to have lot of night classes which means that I will need to really work hard to not really mess up my internal clock. By then end of last term my internal clock was aligned with a time-zone in the middle of the Pacific somewhere. Not too great in the long term because I was exhausted, and as soon as I finished with the Christmas festivities my body shut down and I’ve been very sick until today. This is my first hello to 2007. Hello. It’s odd to begin a year with no idea where I will be at the end of it. It feels like everything is going to count, and to get what I want, on every level, I’m going to have to put in 110%. I’m ready. Time to fly.

So here are some goals for the term.

1. Generally go to bed no later than 1:00am.

2. Wake up no later than 9:00am.

3. Workout regularly.

4. Stop eating junk every day.

5. Improve focus and efficiency. Remember that perfection isn’t the goal, completion is.

6. Job hunt initiatives – just go for it! Do not let fear get in the way.

7. Not let “the problem” in our 601 team irritate me to the extent that I actually care more than I should.

8. Stop procrastinating.

9. Remember to laugh, love, and keep things in perspective.

10. Save a little bit of my free time each week for my non-school friends.

12. For the next seven days I have to remember crest whitestrips in the morning and night.

I’ll see where this takes me. It all begins tomorrow. 1:37am and I am going to bed.



  1. Is this the MBA 12 step program?

  2. I’ve been doing the first 4… yay is me!

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