Posted by: Steph | December 21, 2006

End of term stream of thought

I should really go to bed, except I slept in ridiculously late and I can’t seem to click back into a reasonable time zone.

So I’ve been out two nights in a row and I’m still a little bit exhausted after finishing the term. Last night – the pub night – was one of those really fun party nights that leave you with lots to laugh about the next day. I love that. I got to spend quality chat time with some of the people I never see enough of, and it was a great mix of my favourite Schulich people – both those I’ve known since the beginning, and those I’ve just started to get to know. Really fun night, and I wasn’t even the one misbehaving…

I really should go to bed.

Happy birthday Roma!



  1. I just saw this… thanks!!

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