Posted by: Steph | December 17, 2006

Cheating (on a store)

I cheated on Loblaws and went to the new Sobey’s today. I’ve been a Loblaws girl for years so this is a big deal. I even felt a little bit guilty when I was in there. I just got tired of Loblaws not being able to keep anything in stock. Every time I went to Loblaws they were out of Kitty litter, Diet Coke, and other random items. Ridiculous. Is it possible that little G2 (Galen jr.) is not equipped to run national grocery store? I will say that Sobey’s was a decent experience. It is about 4 blocks further than Loblaws and doesn’t have the full drugstore or useful seasonal items like Christmas trees, but I might go there once in awhile.

I am writing a paper comparing the theme of an “integrated content driven newsroom” at the CBC, CTV, and Global News. It is really interesting. So much so that I keep getting lost in deeper and deeper research. There are so many interesting implications in the research. I wish I could chat about it instead of write a paper – I prefer to learn in an interactive environment.



  1. Maybe you can re-frame your “static” paper into an interactive one?

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, reframing!

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