Posted by: Steph | December 6, 2006

We are dull

I am bored of us today. Particularly myself. We are all tired and we have too much work and we keep talking about it. Time to remember that being a student is actually quite a treat.

For the next 2 weeks I will not:
1. Complain about being tired…except possibly to my dog.
2. List off how many pages I need to write…to people who do not really care.
3. Remember that in actual fact, I am learning things, often even when I think that I am not.

I would like to acknowledge that I overuse the word “bored” – but I have discovered that avoiding boredom is one of my primary motivators in life.

Did you know that “avoidal” is not a word? I didn’t know that until about 1 minute ago. I wonder how many times I have looked like a complete tool. Ah… the joys of language.

The “problem” in our 601 is going to be a bit difficult to deal with on Thursday. I am getting better at not letting things bother me on a personal level. Part of that is ensuring that I have a solid grasp on the situation, and that I am comfortable with the role that I have played. Sometimes it takes extra effort to get there since I do not want to be in a glass house if I am forced (or find it necessary) to throw stones. Also, I am getting much better at not avoiding (I still can’t believe that “avoidal” is not a word”) conflict. Conflict does not need to be feared.

I need to go to bed now. Just having trouble getting up because I will also need to find pajamas and just generally.. stand up. Eeek. Almost complained about being tired. I must not!


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