Posted by: Steph | December 2, 2006

6720 – Take it.

The Emergence of Global Management. It’s not being offered next term, but any part-timers or people just starting out… take this course when it is offered next. Unless you are annoying or dull – because I don’t wish this upon the professor. Matthias Kipping is a delight, and on top of being energetic, witty, and challenging, he has an excellent collection of original ties.

On paper this course did not look particularly interesting but eight people who took it before me would not stop talking about how great the course and prof were so I decided to check it out. After finishing the course tonight I join the ranks of those who claim that they learned more in this course than in any other course. Maybe Matthias Kipping is a hypnotist and that is why we all leave and gush, but I think it’s more than that. Since we spend an inordinate amount of time complaining about profs we dislike and why, I am going to take this opportunity to glow about a class and reflect upon why.

1. Eight weekly papers on the readings. Well everyone did the readings which dramatically raised the bar for conversation. Not to mention, if you read something because you need to reflect and write a paper, you do more than skim. No large assignment. Interesting cases (except the Ericsson one… that one was less than perfect)

2. Use of brain. I found that the weekly assignments actually led me to think of things differently. It pushed me. Often the insights would come after I finished writing the papers, but the point is – how many classes regularly lead to original insight?

3. No waste of time presentations or make work assignments. No unrelated “businessy” readings comprised solely of MBA buzzwords. Although I have begun to drop the term “administrative heritage” into casual conversation.

4. True energy, complete engagement, dedication from the professor. He has a great blunt German thing going. Remember the handsome and riveting Kevin Markle that we adored in first term accounting (or OB with Friedman for those of you who still aren’t over him)? Well this guy gives Markle a run for his money. Definitely more of a subversive edge, and more fun than either in my opinion. Disclaimer: I realize that placing someone above Friedman or Markle may put me on a hit list but I am willing to take the risk.

5. Kareoke. And I would like to argue that the French may be rather difficult at times, however they are a very hygienic.

Goodnight all. Yes I did have a beer before writing this post and I know it makes me more prone to gushing.


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