Posted by: Steph | November 30, 2006

2 second focus

I have the attention span of a flea these days. This is not conducive to writing long papers. Why are long papers used as a primary means of assessment? Logistically I suppose it make sense, but I wish we had the option of handing in an audio scape, film, or website instead.

I am completely over the whole group presentation thing. Power Point should be illegal. I don’t want to watch one more group of people all dressed up reading slides. I can’t think of one “aha” moment I have had from a student group presentation. In my opinion this format inspires mediocrity. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we were forced to do shorter individual presentations instead – my theory is that it would raise the bar.

I really enjoy eccentric people – the quirkier the better (as long as they are clean and polite).

I am going for a haircut tomorrow. Yay!! I need it.

601 meeting tomorrow. I need to focus on NOT caring if someone is being difficult. I don’t see our problem going away and I need to learn to adapt without having a visceral rage feeling in my gut every time I am forced to confront the injustice of it all. The good news is, for the most part our 601 is amazing. Love the majority of the team, we have fun, and we have an amazing site. We have a great faculty chair, a good advisor, and an advisor who is the best of them all. If we can learn to not care about “the problem” we will have fun.

I want a pair of the new UGG boots with the side pocket. They look so cosy. And I love pockets.

Every term I have one professor who I adore. If I adored all of my professors I would have consistently amazing marks. I suppose that adoration is a strong driver for me. how impractical.

My dog needs a walk.


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