Posted by: Steph | November 27, 2006

Rejecting Alumni – Blind item

A recent Schulich grad was attending the MBA Games tryouts/practices and a message was passed along to him, from a “high standing” student, that he was no longer welcome at these sessions.

I thought that we were supposed to be strengthening the ties to the alumni…

Is this TOTAL BULLSHIT or am I overreacting?



  1. I think it depends on the context…some events are for current students, some for both alumni and currents and some for just alumni…

    I very much agree, though, that the method of communication used was out of line…very “grade-3” actually.

  2. Definitely true that there is a time and place for alums, as there is a time and place for current students, but I have to say that I think that MBA games practices/tryouts is one of those perfect places for mingling between the two groups. It’s casual and fun, providing opportunity to really get to know one another, while at the same time not being a drinking event (drinking events have their own advantages, but that’s another story) or a boring forced networking event.

    I hate formal schmoozing/networking and I’m not even considered shy.

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