Posted by: Steph | November 25, 2006

Boring brains

Are some people boring to themselves?

There is a student who has been in a number of my classes who bores me every time he speaks. It’s to the point where sometimes I can’t remember that he is even speaking by the time he gets mid-sentence. He is very nice, intelligent, and polite… but he is so boring I can barely deal with it.

I was watching the show Heroes and I want the super power of reading people’s minds. Mostly because I am so curious. But then I was wondering, are this guy’s thoughts as boring as his words? Now I know that a lot of people don’t share (quite as much as I do) and show a lot more of their personality as you get to know them, but there are limits. And I don’t think this is a case where he just chooses to be “professional” at school (not that I choose to equate lack of personality with professional).

Are some people boring on the outside and interesting on the inside? Are his thoughts as dull as he is? I want the super power for just one day. Please. Where can i get that?



  1. The better question to ask would be whether ‘interesting ‘ people are boring on the inside. I bet there are loads of people that sound absolutely fascinating to listen to, but in their heads, all that can be heard is “uhm… nuts. Bolts. Connect slot ‘A’ into divot ‘B’. Fold, turn 90 degrees anti-clockwise…” and so on.
    I also bet your boring chap has a constant party going on in his head, and if you could hear his thoughts, you’d be totally enthralled. Of course, you run the risk of there being a constant party in his pants, which you would also find out about and that’s a dark alley that you don’t really need to explore now, is it?

  2. I think that people speaking in school need to be called to task. If what they’re saying either doesn’t make sense or is boring, ask them to explain. This would encourage the more `dull` to be more thoughtful and the already-thoughtful to speak-up. Evidentially, professors can’t be left to this task.

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