Posted by: Steph | November 21, 2006

Other career options

I think that being a judge would be fun. I like black robes. Gavels… always a good time. And really, I like judging things – And I don’t take it lightly.

You may ask yourself where this comes from.. well, the TV is on in the background and I heard Judge Judy tell a guy that he should consider sterilization. More than once I have thought of suggesting that to certain men but I think it would be frowned upon. Especially in a 601 meeting.


  1. Oh I have a whole list of people that shouldn’t be allowed to spawn. D’you think we can get Alvarro to organize like, a mass neutering? For the sake of humanity in general.

  2. I second neutering Alvaro.

  3. C’s being mean. Alvaro may have a potty mouth, but there are infinitely more deserving people that make much better candidates for sterilization.

  4. I don’t think r meant to neuter Alvaro – just to have him organize the event as a community GBC activity. Maybe we can vote on who gets the procedure….

    I didn’t know about the potty mouth though.


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