Posted by: Steph | June 28, 2006

new MBA words

We need a list of the top 10 MBA words. Two new ones include:

Synergism (my spell check seems to think this is a real word, I remain unconvinced)

I dare someone to use both of these in a presentation.


  1. pro-active

  2. Where I work, the most popular word bandied about by the (obviously illiterate) management is:


    … that’s instead of “Prioritize”, by the way.

    Seriously, you’ll hear this word 3 or 4 times in any meeting with senior and executive-level management.

    Makes me giggle, every time. One day I’m gonna get fired…

  3. I looked it up, ‘Synergism’ is an actual word. Damn that Kong.

  4. try enterprise …. not the star ship but business…

  5. When we were little, we were chided for making up “nonsense words.” Now we read them all the time. If you want to be famous and not just an MBA, make up a nonsense word!

    My favorite (or not) would have to be Groupthink. In every Industrial/Organizational Psychology book out there. Sometimes I read about it while riding the trainbus.

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