Posted by: Steph | June 24, 2006

5250 – Canada’s competitiveness in the global…………

K, I feel like a bit of a lightweight because the 5250 paper was like a slow form of torture. But it was strange – it wasn’t torture in an OMIS bored to tears sort of way. I find the course interesting and I love the lectures and Barrows has managed to make the economic theory interesting. Small miracle. Also, I have a soft spot for the brilliant/witty/ruthless thing. But… the essay… Here is what we had to do:

“Focus on a particular aspect of Canada’s competitiveness for review and assessment; for example, a sector of the economy such as manufacturing, services or agriculture; or, a specific industry, such as automotive, steel or biotechnology

Your grade will be based on the depth of your analysis and your ability to integrate complex material

The paper was only 1500 words and I had 20 references. I didn’t like the inherent lack of story and narrative in something so general. I enjoyed the basic research (not the part where I spent two hours looking for detailed RECENT labour market stats) and I liked the IDEA of looking at the larger context. I just don’t like writing about that. When I reread the final product I realized that I could have easily written a decent five page paper on any of the paragraphs (excluding intro and conclusion).

I hope he marks the papers the way everyone else does at Schulich – the toss in the air and A- or B+ depending on where it lands.

OK – I’ve been struggling with the paper for a few days and now I feel illiterate so I think that I will sleep. I know that I am going to have economics dreams.

Managerial accounting tip of the week – “bonus”: when referring to marks, bonus is just a fun two syllable word that means nothing at all. Are you ok?

Must stop eating sugar like a 10 year old on halloween.


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