Posted by: Steph | June 17, 2006

The mix of thoughts

I love late night dog walks. I was about to add “in the summer”, but the truth is that I love late night dog walks any time of year.

Before going for my walk I downloaded the songs (from iTunes, how legal of me) that Lennie Gallant played at the Memorial for Krista and I listened to those two songs more than once. The memorial was so well done. My friend Paddi Anne and I had a laugh because we know that Krista would have laughed at pictures of her with the bad haircuts…and possibly not chosen them to be shown to everyone. It’s still just… so sad.

The songs can be found here:

Pieces of You

Peter’s Dream

Brought out my 1/8th (I had originally written 1/16th… newfies…not so good with fractions) maritime blood. Now I need an opportunity to sing Peter’s Dream at the top of my lungs – if I did it now (I am listening to it again right now) it would wake the neighbours. This sort of music just hits a familiar spot that feels like home. I also love bagpipes. And men in kilts.

I just had a funny thought. People have often remarked that I am full of contradictions… perhaps a bit oxymoronic (emphasis on the oxy I hope… and it is a real word I checked). Well I just realized that I have the following blood in my veins… and the mix might explain it: french, scottish, maritime, german, and who knows what else because the French tend to get around a fair bit.



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