Posted by: Steph | June 13, 2006

Beef Disappearance

I’m learning way more than I ever needed to know about the beef industry (maybe like Jon Bowes and wool) because I have a good friend who started working at the Alberta Beef Producers. Anyway – here is the tidbit that I learned today:

Apparently the stats for Beef Consumption are based on “Beef Disappearance”. The assumption being that if you slaughter X numer of pounds, export Y number of pounds, then everything left over must have been consumed here in Canada. But seeing as how you can’t prove who ate what you don’t call it consumption so you call it ” Beef Disappearance”.

Well what about the people who are hoarding beef? Probably the same people who are hoarding pennies. The beef hoarders could band together one day and ruin the whole industry by releasing their uneaten meat back into the marketplace. I’ve taken economics. I understand how these things work.



  1. So cows aren’t only capital assets or inventory anymore, they’re also semantics. Multifacet much?

    Is hoarding beef kinda like buying stir fry beef with high hopes of being terribly oriental and then forgetting all about the packet in the depths of your freezer? I think I might have grown a new cow by now.

  2. R,

    Don’t joke. These puzzling and disturbing beef disapperances have been going on far too long now…

  3. It all started with the best known cow abduction of all time – The Flying Cow in the Wizard of Oz. Hurricane my ass, it was all an elaborate ruse to introduce mad cow disease to the munchkins. Which also explains the poncy shoes.

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