Posted by: Steph | June 1, 2006

The 601’s

I think that the 601 team building has been the most exhausting part of the second term so far. Even though almost everyone wanted to wait a little and get to know the other sections better, the fear of being stuck with the 85’s seems to have won out. Once the first team started to build it snowballed.

I will admit to being fascinated by the entire process. There are some interesting mixes out there – and in some cases I predict complete out and out warfare. I had a horrible few days of feeling caught between two teams and I know that I chose the more difficult team to work with; partially because there was a certain level of commitment to that team already in place.

After I made my decision I witnessed one of my future team members being… less than perfect in a group setting. I called up my cowboy (long story – consider him the wise consultant with interesting insights) and he made a great point. He asked me “do you still want to run a broadcasting network?” – I said yes and so he said “well you made the right decision because you need to learn to work with assholes”. How true. Disclaimer: No one on my 601 is an asshole……

Now I’m getting out of town until tomorrow.


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