Posted by: Steph | May 14, 2006


We lost. I admit it – but section F looked so cool. We were all in black and section G was a mish-mash of whatever. I can’t believe what geeks we have become – we actually had 5150 and accounting related cheers. And one other thing: German exchange students. Next time they are on our team. I’m a teeny bit stiff from the last week of going to the gym and playing games.

Back to OMIS homework. Tonight is Grey’s Anatomy – the one TV show that all of the girls in the program seem to be watching. I just want to say that Meredith is a twit, she desrves to be shot, and Addison is the coolest. What’s with these shows targeting women with a wimpy pathetic protagonist that we are supposed to relate to? I refuse to relate to an emotionally crippled, selfish, self-absorped waif. Although I am messed up just enough to wish I was a waif. I do love the verging on anorexic look. Gotta love society and its effects.


  1. I’m starting a fund to buy a certain teacher a new jacket. All donations welcome, monetary and materials wise. Anyone with extra buttons, spare shoulder pads from the 80’s, and scrunchified, petrified hair clips, please donate to those less fortunate. Namely me, because I just wasted three hours of my life having my eyes assaulted and listening to stupid calculator stories that make blood pool in my brain.

  2. Dodgeball. Man, you January starts are so organized.

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