Posted by: Steph | May 7, 2006

Blonde now

This time I am blonde. Not a brunette with some blonde highlights. It’s somewhat amusing because blondes are treated differently and I was reminded of that within the first few hours of being blonde again. One of my favourite friends, who is a “famous” national radio host (I mention this to embarrass him), has this thing that we have named the “automatic blonde checkout” – he does a scan of every blonde girl that passes by no matter what (subtly at least) – I often have to tell him that the girl in question is actually really all wrong, and he realizes this, but claims that he has been programmed to do the automatic blonde scope thing. To his credit he often prefers brunettes and he has excellent taste.

Finance. Will it become my new best friend? I do tend to gravitate towards things that I find a little bit scary. For now the word “finance” makes me cringe. One term ago accounting did the same though and that became my secret favourite. Well maybe not so secret. But you have to admit – it’s kind of fun.

Let me recount the most absurd moment of the Montreal trip. At one point Oren said to all of us “let’s play a a game” and when we asked what game he wanted to play he said “I will give you a business transaction and you guys tell me whether it affects the balance sheet or the income statement”. He was serious. I’m not telling if we played a round.

…and maybe that wasn’t the most absurd moment in Montreal.

K, now I’m going to try to get back to regular blog updates. And I’ve had requests from people to include more drama, scandal, and intrigue (gossip and politics). Sorry I missed the Pink party last night – I was busy on the pseudo adult side of my life.

Section G – you guys are going down at the Friday dodgeball tournament. Section F rules.


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