Posted by: Steph | April 19, 2006

Term 1 Gush

Be glad I didn’t drink tonight or I would be gushing all night.

Although if anyone was counting, I did manage to down over one litre of Diet Coke while at the party.

Tonight was Steph’s party (the other Steph) and almost all of the familiar faces from F and G showed up. Actually, other than Greg, I think that all of the people on the “get them out” list showed up! I had a blast – I only wish that I didn’t have this stupid 20 page paper due Friday so that I could have stayed and chatted with even more people. I keep thinking of new people that I barely got to say hi to. I laughed so much tonight. Anyway… I just want to say thanks to all of you for making this such a great term. I had an absolute blast and although I’m looking forward to having new people in my classes, I will miss my section F bubble a little. Ok, gush over, I’ll throw my harley davison boots back on and resume the tough thing I like to pretend I have going.

A few added notes:

Montreal on Monday. Let’s make it good. We leave Sunday – but Monday is “The Night”. Vince will be providing French lessons – I thought him two crucial phrases.

And if you want to have fun, tell Suhail that you have noticed his subtle mannerisms. He really freaks out.

Let’s get Roye (how to spell his name?) to grow his hair longer.

Someone, somewhere, please get an assignment done and handed in BEFORE Jojo. Just once. To see what happens. The universe may collapse.

Remember, getting Roma drunk is both easy and fun for everyone.

French thing. David and I, representing France, think there should be more double cheek kissing. It is civilized.

Jen – how much pushing toll you actually wear pyjamas to class? That would be the ultimate.

I’m going blonde over the break. I figure I’ve made my first impression so now I can do the blonde thing and hope to not be stereotyped. Maybe I’ll get fake glasses to compensate and do the serious librarian thing. Fun.

OK. Obviously I am no longer working on my essay right now so I will go to bed. Thanks again Other Steph.



  1. I.Was.Not.Drunk.
    I was wobbling because my shoes kept sinking into the grass.
    shut up.

    If anyone ever beats Jojo to the punch, rest assured it won’t be me. I’d like to see her beat me in getting stuff done at the last minute however. Talk about the universe imploding.

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