Posted by: Steph | April 17, 2006

I am a hobbit

OK, not really. But I feel like one. Why you might ask? Well I am making my cheat sheet for my accounting exam and I am writing smaller than I ever have in my entire life. To be fair, hobbits may have huge writing, I have no evidence either way, but for some reason I thought “hobbit” and the thought keeps popping in my mind every time I look at my sheet.

I’m suddenly sad because I remembered that I must hand in my cheat sheet and I was having fantasies of creating art with it. Something illustrating the art/business dichotomy that is my life. Enjoy the pompous arrogance of that last sentence? I am preparing to write my 20 PAGE paper due Friday for Arts and Media.

It’s official. I loathe economics and now I remember why I spent 33 years running away every time someone started speaking about inflation and interest rates all of those other related treats. I was right to fear death by boredom. Although I am enjoying the book “freakonomics”.

One more thing to share while I procrastinate… I managed to get an entire dinner party to converse about the impact of accounting policies on stock options. And furthermore – it was a riveting and lively discussion. Obviously, there is a new world order. What is next? Wearing pant suits for fun?


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