Posted by: Steph | April 14, 2006

Study break

I was driving to visit my parents this evening and and I noticed a twelve year old boy was skipping down the sidewalk. He looked absolutely ridiculous which got me to thinking about my own judgement.

Stupid question but…. Why is skipping so frowned upon by society? I can walk, run, power walk (sort of stupid but still ok), but if I were to skip down the street everyone would think I’m a freak. Or image if I were to skip through the corridors at schulich – even better… if I were to skip along the corridors at schulich with a straight face.

If someone were to skip, with a straight face, for a whole day at school (when classes are back in session), I will pay them $25.00.



  1. Ok. I skip on a regular basis. I see nothing wrong with it, I have tried to control myself, but mostly I dont’ notice until someone looks at me funny or comments on it. Either way, I never care, even if someone’s laughing straight in my face. The way I see it, they’re worse off. When did being happy become an embarassment?
    I skip on my way home, I skip at Schulich. If I’m happy, I skip, I wave my arms about, I even sing remarkably off – key. Grown ups are way too sedate. I intend never to join the ranks in that sense. When you’re happy, you ought to let it out.

  2. Hello. Here I am….. WAY behind on studying for Economics and I’m reading about skipping! Roma, I’m with you – being outwardly happy is a great thing. I like skipping too, don’t do it enough. I might just put my econ notes down & go skip right now.

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