Posted by: Steph | April 4, 2006

Post & Rockstar

It’s late. 2 things:

1. Post. So many people email me or stop me in the halls to talk about my postings – I love that you’re reading it… but don’t be afraid to post – it’s part of the whole interactive thing. Modern technology.

2. On the way home from school I listened to and sang at the top of my lungs the song “I Love Rock & Roll” by Joan Jett. One of my favourites. And then I thought about it. Second line… “knew he must have been about 17” – well that made me feel old. But 37, 47, 27… it doesn’t sound as good. Imagine “knew he must have been about 37″… not as effective. Must go to bed because I’m verging on illiterate at the moment.



  1. Hey! Doesn’t sound as good?! I’m 37…

  2. I know Fergus listens to the Britney Spears’ version. Though, in his (and her) defence, it’s a lot easier to handle when Spears sings about wanting 17 year old boys, than it is when Joan Jett does.

    Can you tell Quant has made me bitter and pokey?

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