Posted by: Steph | March 28, 2006


One of those moments.

Jojo, Roma, and I were in the marketplace having a meeting for a mini case for our Arts and Media class. We were acting stuff out, role playing, and frankly, just having a silly time because we are somewhat exhausted.

Somehow the conversation led us to the concept of “playing with fire” and “crossing lines”.

I went on a silly dramatic rant about how I can drag my hand through a flame and come out unscathed and then I got up to demonstrate that there was nothing wrong with stepping on the line, and no one would get hurt by that… then I proceeded to jump up and down on the imaginary line and… I twisted my ankle.

And it still hurts a little. Maybe jumping up and down on the line isn’t advisable.

Is that a frame?


  1. Irony may be a bitch, but she has the BEST timing.

    mwa ha ha.

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