Posted by: Steph | March 11, 2006

“Just Relax”

Tonight, when I asked the significant other to clean something up, he said to me “ok. just relax”. Well, immediately little knots of anger started to gather in my stomach and I felt a sense of rage starting to build…. And I opened my mouth to defend myself and just as I was about to freak out I stopped. And said “you know what we talked about in my management class last week?” He said “what?” – oblivious that he had just avoided a small rant. I asked him if anyone, ever, had ever relaxed when they had been told to “just relax”. And he said… “ok, maybe not” – but he has a new plan. From now on, he has decided that if anyone ever says that to him, that he is actually going to relax. No matter what.

I can’t wait to test this – this may be the best thing to come out of 5150 in the history of the course. Is it ethical to bait him? I must question this since I did just write my mini paper on ethics.

…. must add the following…He has obviously spent too much time listening to me talk about school. He just asked me the following: “If I actually do relax the next ten times someone asks me to, and it works out for the best, will you change your frame?”


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