Posted by: Steph | March 5, 2006

The Oscars

You guys going to watch? Other Steff, the one with two “f”‘s? I bet that you are and I bet that you and I will completely disagree on everything we liked or didn’t like. I’ll admit it, I just want to see what some people will be wearing. I have not seen any of the movies yet, so the awards are fairly inconsequential to me. In particular, I want to see Diane Lane and Kate Beckinsdale because if I were allowed to have a “laminated list”**, they would be on it. And so would John Stewart (the guy hosting) actually – because nothing beats the combination of smart and subversive.

** Laminated list: Cultural reference from the TV show Friends… refers to a list of celebrities that you are “allowed” to have sex with with impunity from your current partner, should the opportunity present itself.

Song of the day: Mental Breakdown – Ember Swift
Not because I’m having one, but I like this song and Ember is excellent. A bit of punk, a bit of folk, a bit of ska… this song has it all. And we need to support independent Toronto talent.



  1. Out of curiosity- who’s on Fergus’ list? Other than Britney Spears of course.

  2. Ewww! For the record “Roma” (if that’s even your real name…), Britney wouldn’t be on any list of mine. Laminated, unlaminated, or scribbled on a used paper napkin.

    I think you are projecting, due to your secret attraction to K-Fed…

  3. All right! I admit. It’s the man-braids and the manboobs that did it for me. And lord knows I’m a sucker for (bad) whiteboy rap.

    I’m so ashamed.

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