Posted by: Steph | February 26, 2006

Auditor? Umm, no.

After reading the section on audits in the accounting textbook, I cannot imagine anything worse than being an auditor. Really, talk about limited fun potential. In fact, just look at what they are allowed to give: “Unqualified Opinion”, “Denial of Opinion”, “Qualified Opinion” and “Adverse Opinion”. Dull. If I was an auditor I would feel so boxed in. Why can’t they give “A scathing review uncovering creative accounting techniques” or “A delightful romp through the exquisite numbers”.

Now I’m not knocking accounting in general – The obsessive side of me can understand the satisfaction one must get from creating order from the chaos of numbers and having everything balance nicely. But this auditing stuff? You don’t even get to do the fun part. I bet if auditors were forced to be more colourful in their reports people would have caught on earlier about the Enron thing.

Have I mentioned today that Walmart is evil? It is.

Also, everyone congratulate Roma on Monday.

Back to work. No more wasting time because it’s back to “real” life tomorrow. I wish I could bring my dog to school. But i also wish that I had a domesticated polar bear, so I realize that I’m less than reasonable at times.

OK one more thing – the song of the day will also be included in the normal posts from now on – but the “music” section has the old ones.

Song of the day: Anna Nalick: 2:00am (Breathe)
It’s tempting to always choose the obscure or the forgotten songs, in the whole quest to appear somehow musically “cool” – but I’m going to choose this new and popular song because it is absolutely exquisite. You have to hear it. And I think that Anna must have been a synchronized swimmer or something like that in the past because the first bit she sings goes for a long time before breathing. Ironic since the song then goes on and on with “breathe, just breathe”.



  1. *giggles madly* See the main flaw in your logic is your assumption that accountants have the capacity to string together a vaguely interesting sentence. The reason they become accountants, I think, is because god forgot to give them personalities to start with.

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